Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Draft

Two copies. One for me, one for Penny.

And so we begin the first read and review - see if this thing has any legs.

But you know, it's an amazing feeling, looking at that bound manuscript, 369 pages.

I did it. I wrote a novel. It's one of those things that before you do it, it seems impossible, or a least, unlikely. But now I know how to do it.

And this year, I'll finish this one and write another.

Say hello to Randy Murray, novelist.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Surrounded by Books


"It's full off books!" (with apologies to Stanley Kubrick).

Neil Gaiman, a writer who I really admire, has an outstanding library.

I look at these pictures and it's induces a feeling of relaxation similar to looking out out at a beautiful Caribbean beach. I love my little library and it's a comfort to me, but Mr. Gaiman has a LIBRARY!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rain Garden!

Yeah! We're getting a free Rain Garden!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit the new place

I've started a new site, focused more on business, life, and technology. Come and visit!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Get Your Bag On

So, the rumors are flying about the much hoped for Apple "iTablet." If they're true, it could be another market changer.

I think it will also be a fashion changer. Why? Because if you're a guy, you'll have to carry this larger-than-an-iphone/ipod device. That's the whole point. It'll be too big to clip to your belt, sooo - welcome back the "Murse" or man-bag.

I'm serious. For those like me who really hate carrying anything and have long suffering (albeit not silent) wives and girlfriends who complain when we ask, "Can you stick this in your purse?" it will be a real dilemma. It will have to be a really terrific device for me to want to carry it about. And if it is, then I'll need a bag. And if I'm already carrying a bag, I just as well put all the others things I might need in it. And being a former boy scout and admirer of James Bond, I'll want to be prepared for ANYTHING.

So, it begins.

Or restarts.

In 1985 I made my first trip to NYC for a job interview at a big ad agency. I was right out of grad school and didn't have a chance for the job. But I wanted the experience of the interview and to make the trip. I spent days walking all over the city, and everywhere I saw fast walking guys, listening to their Sony Walkman tape players, stored in their nifty shoulder bags. So I bought a gray pleather bag from a street vendor, put my bright yellow Sports Walkman in the bag, and started walking faster. Somewhere along the line, probably when I had to share in carrying diaper bags and baby items, carrying the bag fell by the wayside.

I've actually got a bag set aside - a leather East German military map bag. It's small, flat, and has lots of pockets for pens and such, but it wont let me carry lots of crucial survival gear, so it's ideal. I hope the iTablet will fit!